Technical Specifications


The GP Mobile Kitchen is a truck consisting of a tractor and a semi-trailer set up with a ready kitchen, complete with all necessary equipment to its full functionality of catering. The GP Mobile Kitchen provides security and autonomy. It was built following the directives of the European Community regulations and national and international regulations concerning the on-road operation. It is able to work anywhere in autonomy even in places where there is not the possibility of direct connections to networks gas, electricity or drinking water.
Length 14000 mm
Width 2,540 mm
Height 3950 mm



They have been designed to provide long-term autonomy of operation and maximum safety.
All systems installed on the GP Mobile Kitchen are in accordance with the current European regulations.
The internal power supply of some equipment and the electrical system of the kitchen can be operated by 2 generators on board (or from an external power supply). Generators are powered by Diesel, having their own tank with a capacity of 120 liters each. Power 9 kW at 400V.
The electrical control system is conform to the Ministerial Decree n. 37 of 22 January 2008 (Law n. 46/1990). There is a plant grounding for protection against indirect contact. GP Mobile Kitchen operates in the respect of all the rules relating to the protection of the safety of workers, the Legislative Decree September 19, 1994, n. 626 and the Decree Law 19 March 1996, n. 242.

In every electrical panel switch and indicator light is identified by a label that specifies the function. The cables for the internal connection of the framework are marked for easy recognition.

The gas distribution system consists of 2 groups of 4 cylinders. In phase of operation is protected by an electro valve which, in case of loss or non-functioning of the suction system, stops the gas outlet. There are n. 2 gas detectors, one in storage of the cylinders and one on the kitchen floor, both are connected to a control unit interfaced with the gas electro valve.
The hydraulic system, consists in a loading tap with graft fast connected to a tank of 800 lt dm3 capacity, the filling of the tank and controlled by two level probes with a function of the maximum load and a safety feature to prevent operation of the pump in case of emptying the system. The plant is equipped with a tank of 850 lt dm3 per the collection of gray water with drain cock and overflow control probe.

The system pressure is maintained by a regulated pump automatically by a pressure switch.


The vehicle is available with two manual doors swing open on the side with a 180 °.
On the right side has been prepared an opening made with double-glazed windows.

The structure is equipped with nr. 2 access stairs with handrails on doors in the area.

It was set up a system of full opening rear side by an hydraulic tailboard with a capacity of 3000 Kg with automatic side safety barriers, standing guards against crushing, security lights on the floor, standard control panel and folding slip road

Kitchen Facilities


Cell Zone
• 1 angle cell mod. 150-70 floor with stainless steel floor,  right hinge
• 1 unit with 3 shelves GRID hr 130x40x140
• 1 unit with 3 shelves GRID hr 90x40x140
• 1 refrigerator cabinet 650 liters -2 + 8 ° c – 740 × 800 h. 2080
• 1 refrigerator cabinet with 1 door 700 lt -18 ° -25 ° c
• 1 cupboard with wing door and 2 shelves 20x60x211
• 1 unit with 5 smooth shelves

Cooking Zone
• 1 oven Electrolux airoconvect with 20 grids C / VAP. D.G. (GPL20X1 / 1)
• 1 cupboard base + support for baking pans 6 & 10 gn 1/1
• 1 stainless steel oven hood with engine and fumes demolition 1018 x 1086 h. 300 + oven lamp 1x18w
• 1 wall hood – 2 engines of 280w each
• 1 Gas tilting braserie 1200 × 920 h. 760
• 1 gas fryer with 2 tanks of 13.5 lt
• 1 kitchen top intermediate neutral element with drawer
• 2 gas pasta-cooking appliances with tank GN 1/1
• 1 electric kitchen top – 2 rectangular hotplates from 4 kw
• 1 gas kitchen top with 2 tanks from 13.5 lt.


Preparation Zone
• 5 shelves cupboard with sliding doors 133x40x66
• 1 table-cupboard with sliding doors and top 1000 × 900 h.850
• 1 sink with 2 basins + dish drainer 180x70x93 with electronic tap
• 2 stainless steel worktops
• 2 refrigerated table with 3 little doors and 2 drawers 2190 × 700 h.950
• 1 slicer
• 1 cupboard with sliding doors and 3 shelves 112x78x226
• 1 coffee machine

Washing Zone
• 1 electric dishwasher at hood 990 p / h
• 1 wall hood for dishwasher 1000x1000x400 h. with lamp built in it
• 1 input table with basin 54 + shelf
• 1 output table with shelf
• 1 Pre-wash table with left basin and waste hole
• 1 basket-holder shelf